New York Construction Attorney

videoCommercial establishments, hospitals, schools, homes and government facilities don’t spring up overnight. They involve an extensive planning process that begins with architects and progresses through engineers and construction managers. The process can take years, and it’s fraught with possibilities for dispute and error. Occasionally, snags require the help of a New York construction lawyer.

Notable New York Construction Law Cases

Since our inception, the construction attorneys with the New York law firm of Canfield, Madden & Ruggiero LLP have successfully negotiated and defended many cases. Here are some highlights:

  • Canfield, Madden & Ruggiero negotiated and mediated in federal court a nearly $1.2 million subcontract payment after our client was accused of defective fabrication and delivery of structural steel components. Although the general contractor initially refused to make payment, we recovered almost the entire balance due for our client.
  • Acting as co-counsel for the construction manager of a New York luxury condominium project, Canfield, Madden & Ruggiero LLP achieved a $10 million award and overturned the owner’s $120 million counterclaim.
  • Canfield, Madden & Ruggiero LLP successfully mediated a dispute between a subcontractor and general contractor when the general contractor’s financial difficulties impeded cash flow and prevented the subcontractor from performing under the terms of the contract. After filing an action in the New York State Supreme Court on behalf of the subcontractor, Canfield, Madden & Ruggiero LLP achieved substantial payment for our client.

How New York Construction Lawyers Get the Job Done

As you can see, New York construction law entails considerably more than filing lawsuits and defending against claims. At Canfield, Madden & Ruggiero LLP, the services we offer range from construction phase support through contract compliance. We help identify design omissions and deficiencies that might place blame at the wrong door. We act to collect money due your company and clarify exactly what services or products you must supply to meet your contractual obligations. We negotiate, but we also provide dispute resolution assistance. When all else fails, we litigate – both in New York courts and at the federal level.

Fair and Equitable Representation in New York Construction Law

If you or your company has contracted to perform any aspect of a New York construction project, you know that the job requires something from both you and the other party. The National Law Review reports on how things can easily go wrong due to misunderstanding or circumstances beyond your control. The attorneys at Canfield, Madden & Ruggiero LLP know how to fix the situation when either side fails to perform, or is unable to perform due to actions taken by the other.

Call a Construction Attorney in New York for Help

Construction law in New York involves experience with negotiations, litigation and a strong knowledge of design requirements and contractual notice requirements. The attorneys at Canfield, Madden & Ruggiero LLP have this experience and this knowledge. If you have a problem, call David J. Canfield today at so we can begin to help.